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CellSonic manufactures medical equipment for doctors, surgeons, vets, beauticians, sports therapists and all those concerned with surgery. From urinary flow monitors to lithotripters and light sources we apply our understanding of medical requirements to provide a low cost solution at the highest possible standards of performance and reliability. Our name, CellSonic, comes from the cellulite treatment machine which shares the same engine as the kidney stone breaking, non-invasive lithotripter and the other machines to which we have given the suffix "Sonic". This refers to the sound wave generated by a spark plug. It is the sudden surge of the pressure of sound that makes a medically controlled force on the body. This makes the surgeon's scalpel redundant; we can operate inside the body without cutting it open.

Hitherto, the treatment of cellulite has been cosmetic with skin improvements temporary and time consuming. Medical solutions were impossibly expensive and dubious leaving scars and pain. Having discovered that the non-invasive lithotripter (the kidney stone breaking machine) could treat cellulite it remained to make the machine affordable and by great innovation we have broken through not only the price barrier but also the use restrictions on a surgical instrument so that treatment is now available safely at local beauty salons.

We are enlisting distributors worldwide and if there is not yet a supplier in your area there very soon will be. Please use the "contact online" facility on this website to ask any questions.

We are a British company. Our territory is the World Village and your response by e-mail places you on our doorstep. We care deeply about the environment, racial harmony and world peace. What we are doing has to help to make the world a better place. We invent, we travel, we think and enjoy. The end result is equipment that will improve your life. We shall continue to strive for improvement.